Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Pinhole Glasses: the Natural Alternative to Prescription Eyeglasses

“The eyes are the windows of the soul”. That is according to the traditional proverb. Logically speaking, our eyes are the windows through which we see the world around us. We rely on them so we can safely experience life as time goes by. That is why we ought to give utmost importance to our eyes and our vision. Of all five senses, it is said that sight is the one that people fear of losing the most.

Considering the significant functions that our eyes perform for us, it is just proper that we give them the best care possible, but sometimes we get too busy to forget about keeping our eyes in shape. We spend unnecessary number of hours in a day using the computer. We do close-up works such as reading and needlework in a less-lighted room. Other people do a lot of work outdoors – exposing their eyes to different eye- damaging elements. All these we do beyond our consciousness sometimes.

Myopia (near-sightedness), Hyperopia (far-sightedness), Astigmatism, Cataract, Presbyopia and Computer Vision Syndrome – these are the common refracted eye disorders. It can happen to anyone. The good news is all these conditions can now be corrected naturally.

Pinhole Glasses is a modern and affordable alternative to prescription eyeglasses.  It consists of precision-manufactured lightweight perforated plastic lenses, inset into standard metal or plastic spectacle frames. They are ideal for sufferers of refractive eye disorders especially the elderly and computer users as the pinholes - accurately formed by laser technology - allow only direct and coherent light rays to pass through into the eye.


Improves vision clarity and resolution 
 For sufferers of refractive eye disorders, pinhole glasses will improve the clarity & resolution of your vision. This is no wishy-washy promise. Vision improvement is guaranteed - it is a scientific fact! 

Increase object brightness
Pinhole glasses are proven to increase apparent object brightness - ideal if you struggle with vision in low-light situations.

Good vision at all distances
Unlike bi-focal and tri-focal glasses that are designed to yield good vision at fixed distances, pinhole glasses allow you to see clearly at all distances, whether short, middle or long distance focus is required. Many users also find them less stressful on the eye than multi-focal or vari-focal lenses.

One pair suits all situations
Whether you are reading a book or watching TV, one pair of pinhole glasses is all you'll ever need. 

All modern-day pinhole glasses are lightweight, weighing no more than traditional spectacles.

 No need to worry about scratches & marks on the lenses. The performance of pinhole glasses is not adversely affected by defects that would otherwise degrade visual acuity through eyeglasses. 

Attractive Design
Pinhole glasses in the 21st Century are designed to be attractive and stylish.

At just $19.99 a pair they will save you thousands of dollars during the course of your lifetime not to mention your eyesight!
Although the concept of pinhole glasses have been around for some time, it is only in recent years that pinhole glasses have risen in popularity. This is in part due to the more stylish and well-finished designs that are available on the market today, together with a greater acceptance of their usefulness by consumers and medical professionals alike.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Remembering that Big Day

For married women, do you remember the thrill you felt when you got engaged?  When your man popped that question “Will you marry me?” it made you want to walk on the clouds, didn’t it?  The preparation for the big day is kind of overwhelming but exciting at the same time… the wedding gowns shopping, venue planning, the ring, and all those tiny little details that would make the wedding day extra special and a truly unforgettable one. 

A wedding is one event that makes me feels nostalgic every time.  Looking at two lovely people in love never fail to amaze me!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

When the Wrath of Nature Strikes

We will never really know when tragedy strikes. I was talking to a friend this morning via Facebook chat and was startled to have found out that they're one of those thousands of people who have tried to survive when flash flood hit the neighboring city last week. That incident was all over the local and national news all through-out the week.

I've seen some photos she uploaded on the site that are really so disheartening to look at - pictures of different puzzled faces of people who doesn't seemed to know where to go, pictures of poor innocent children who doesn't seem to understand what was going on to their place and that of their deluged house and almost all of their belongings.

But on the lighter side, it is nice to know that the government of the said city was too quick to respond and assisted them with their urgent needs while other agencies and even some private lending institution offered financial remedies in a form of fast or instant cash loan to the victims. Thumbs up to all these kind-hearted people! They are what we truly need in times of crisis like this.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday #9 day peep

I took the liberty to take these shots one fine morning while everyone else were sleeping.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

one fun, great summer 2011

Summer oh summer... soon you are about to end... LOL! Hello ladies! Counting myself in here again!

We (my family) don't usually make specific plans on how we should celebrate summer. Though treating ourselves, especially the little ones with ice cream, fruits shakes or anything cold has already been a practice.

There they are having their ice cream while playing one of their favorite activities this year - scrabbling - but of course that's next to playing PC games. :D

Also this year, the grandma is too diligent to administer advance study for each of them. I'm glad! They get to enjoy while learning at the same time... and that my sisters and I don't have to pay summer fees for everything they've learned. How's that for a savings? LOL!

By the way, I had to use the laptop's camera because my poor digicam's charger stopped working for me. It has been a while and it's making me sad I had to miss events at some point. :(

But all in all it's one fun, great summer 2011 for us.